Friday, April 27, 2012

Fire in the Night

They inspired me, our ice men of orange and black...

Fire in the night.

Our ice men cometh, through black of night,
haze of orange fire light, to the ice.
For this is war and they shall not be denied,
there is no enemy to fear.
The charge of our army, like a flaming fist
thrust through the gut of the enemy.
We run them through.
Our defenses form a wall of fire in the darkness.
The Keeper of the Gate holds the castle walls,
bears flee before him in mortal terror.
Swords made with fire, ice in their veins.
There is no stopping us now, our army we love.
Loyalty, we stand firm. We will not be denied.
Nothing can stop us now.
The ice men cometh.
The ice men cometh.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tale of the Pack

In the Land of the Pack,
The Old King lain down his mighty sword,
only to be borne away to fight for an ancient enemy.

But, the Pack, never to wallow in despair, found
faith in a New King, a new sword, mightier still.

The land breathed a new rhythm, a new song,
A new destiny of glory beyond measure.

Hearts beat as one, like the echo of a drum,
a million hearts beat for them.
Yearning, ever seeking, ever hoping to quench
an eternal dream for their beloved.

May the glory you seek, may you find.
May it be yours, as you are worthy to carry
such a sword.

May you strike fear and dread into the hearts
of your enemies ever as the Bear King
fears the mighty Hammer of Thor,
Woodson, Tramon, our Shields are strong,

Where the Hawk soars,
a castle's defenses are impenetrable.

When the New King leads his army into
battle against the Old King, the time
of the Viking is over.
For whenever one king falls,
a new one arises to take his place.

May glory be to The Pack,
love saturated in a sea of
green and gold.
Glory to The Pack.

We love thee no matter what occurs.
Never doubt there is strength inside
the mighty walls of your fortress
that the enemy fears above all things.


The battle has come

The Old King makes his last stand,
the mournful sound of the Viking horn
fading in his lament, begins to wither away
into a hollow of utter defeat.

The Pack marches on, stronger than ever now.
Strong to defend the mighty fortress of Lambeau.
The force of attack shall break any barrier,
enemies may not defend against.

The White Spirit looks on, always with the Pack,
for the Pack shall always prevail inside,
spirits of champions dwell within.

Glory be to the Pack,
sang the faithful
people of Lambeau.
Glory be to the Pack.

Loyalty, our hearts are yours,
Glory be to the Pack,
forever more.


The Old King, drawn down in the
depths of utter defeat,
Viking ships sunk, lost in a purple haze.

So the Pack fights on. The New King's
leadership strong.
Ever trusting him to lead us into battle.
Ever trusting our defenses to hold.

The Pack, wounded and battered,
stood strong on faith and utter will
to survive. Tales of their demise
were not to be.

Eagles, Falcons, we fear you not.
Nor creatures of the sky, nor the Bear King,
who hung his head in shame and defeat
as the Pack brought him to his knees,
where still he remains, pride and dignity

All battles, this road we have traveled,
has led to a battle against an enemy of steel.
The Pack fears not.
For the New King, beloved,
leads the charge forth,
no army of steel can withstand.

As the Pack's defenses had proven,
Where the mighty Thor lays his hammer down,
you shall not pass. For stronger than steel
are the defenses of the Pack.

Now at long last, the last battle fought and won.
The Pack stands tall, exalted.
Green and gold light tremulous within,
glows like an aura, emotion
so strong, vibrating straight into your
solar plexus.

The Pack of the mighty.
Nothing they cannot overcome.
Strong, together, united.
A force so strong you can feel the
energy crackle within your very being
when they take the battle field.

Song in our hearts.
Song of the Pack.
Sweet victory be yours.
Evermore we shalt love thee!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Have you ever looked into a fire ravaged land,
and found a single bloom of a flower,
growing wild, free, all on its own?
Have you ever looked at the sky,
on a flaming night, alive, so alive,
but yet able to find,
only a single star in the void?
Because there will come days,
when darkness will come,
the shootout will take its
final fall.
And we alone,
only the strong survive.
But if you only open your
eyes to the now,
you will see all that’s
to come.
The Dawn has yet to arrive.
For I was the lone flower that
bloomed in the midst of chaos.
One single light shines in the
darkest parts of the city.
And when the emptiness
becomes too much to bear,
find light, seek it like
nothing ever before.
For the darkness will come so
fast, your eyes will not even
have the chance to adjust.
And then what do you do
when you find out the truth
too late?
Can you take it back, can you?
can you bring back what has
already gone?
Save what has been lost for
The question is ours.
The answer is set before you.
The veil is lifting, lifted.
Soon it will be revealed,
what is is to be, and what is to come.
And you should have watered
the flower while you still had the chance.

The Ship

Welcome my friends,
You are now ready to
embark on your greatest
adventure.  You can open
your eyes at any time.
You can even fall asleep
if you want to.  This
is your creation now.
In your minds eye, visualize 

 yourself and one
special person on a beach;
It can be any beach you
want.  Be it a beach you have
never been to before or one
that you have been to.
Look above you, you see
seagulls circling overhead.
Their cries echo in your
ind.  Look down, you see
endless miles of white sand.
Your feet are bare.
Look out to sea.  You see a
ship, it’s huge and appears
to be heading towards a
distant shore.  Walk to the
harbor.  Your companion
follows, ever at your side.
You don’t have to walk, you
can fly.  Fly high at one with
the seagulls.  They speak your
language, listen to them, they
can speak of the future.
You can fly anywhere you want,
just remember your true
destination:  the ship.
*(reader:  pause for about
15 seconds)*
Now it is time to join your
friends on the ship.
Land on the port (left) side of
the ship.  On board the ship you
see people you know, and those
souls that you have never encountered
before.  Some people are just landing,
as you are.  Others have been there
for hours.  And still others are
still flying. 
Wait for everyone to land.
There are not many people,
just about 30.
The ship is large enough so that
everyone has their own private apace.
you talk to the people there,
Some have been there before,
still others are new.
After a short time you
grow tired of talking and
begin to search for your
own private space.  You find
it and lay down.

You rest. The sun is warm upon
your skin. Warming your very soul.
Your entire body begins to relax,
starting from you feet and all the 
way to your head.
Your breath is even, you are calm.
The open stillness resonates within
your soul. Cleansing you from within.
All sounds from outside melt away.
There is nothing but healing energy
and light surrounding you. Healing you.
Stay in this light and become one with it.

*(reader pause for about 10 minutes 
to allow meditative state to enjoy)

Slowly, as if from a great distance
stretched across the fold of time,
you begin to hear the sound of 
seagulls once again. Awareness begins 
to settle in like a calming wave.
The calm, peaceful feeling resonates 
within you still.
You begin to open your eyes and notice
others doing the same. Surfacing.
Your body, mind and spirit feel renewed.
The ship melts away as you return to full
awareness. The peaceful, calm healing 
energy will remain within you for some time. 
The ship ever awaits to offer you a place
to heal and renew your spirit and energies. 

A meditation technique taught to me by a Master, translated.

The Call of Pluto

In the Deepness of this World,
I have seldom seen what I seeketh,
the quiet is disturbing,
the azure blue of the sky
A melody I cannot contemplate.
I lost control.
I just lost control.
In one moment the world fell
from beneath me.
The ground quivered like my
The air, the space around me
began to be a pounding drum.
I fell through the Worlds
one by one.
Planet by planet.
The stillness spirals around me.
From the inside I hear me breathing.
I hear the silence the stillnesss
like a gunshot echoes
into the distant past.
I look for the solution.
I choke on the Rain as
I try to quench my growing thirst.
The planets spin without mercy.
Please, let me grow, let me be.
Just let me be.
Let me exist in space.
Calling me to Pluto.
Like someone calling me home.
My world died out there.
And I just the empty matter
that remains after
an explosion.
It echoed through my head,
A damning beat.
It vibrates my blood,
the air is not still.
To Pluto I journey.
Alone and lost,
making my way  home.
Pluto’s cold chill welcomes me
And I don’t fear the silence anymore.
I don’t fear anything.
But Death I am,
As all things Death will be.


     My name is Harmon Bradshock. I had a family once.  A wife named Anna.  But she was cheating on me.  I loved her with all my heart and soul.  There was nothing I would not do for her. When I saw her lying there sleeping blissfully in the arms of some other man, it was all I could do not to break down and die.  Maybe it would have been better if I had.  If I could of  just seen into the future, just one small glimpse into the hell that was to come, then maybe I could have just ended it then and there.
            But, I did not do that.  Instead, I killed Anna.  Anna and her unborn baby.  I do not know if the baby was even mine.  Even so I fired that gun and shot her in the head, I let the other man go, he just ran away and I did not care.  Then I watched Anna bleeding on the floor and felt this perverse sense of joy.  It is all over now.  She cannot hurt me anymore.  The pain, the agony that was beginning to suffocate me suddenly subsided.  I was free.
            For a short time.
            Somebody heard the shot and called the cops.  Perhaps it was the man Anna was with, I do not know.  The cops found me cradling the gun in my hand and staring down at my dead wife.  She just lay there.  And she looked like she did when I found her in bed with another man.  She was sleeping.  But this time there was a whole in the back of her head.  One that let her lifeblood flow out into infinity.  She was dead.  There was nothing I could do about that.
            The cops took me down to the station and charged me with murder.  I sat, cold and sick at heart.  What had I done?  Now I was going to pay with my life because of what I had done.  I knew that I would get the death penalty.  Because Anna was pregnant, I had killed not one, but two human beings.  That crime is punishable by death.
            So, when the man in the tailored blue suit came to my cell one evening to offer me a deal that would ultimately save my life, I was completely shocked.  He told me about this place, an experiment really that was the government’s top secret.  It was a type of prison where about thirty men were isolated in small cells.  There was no contact with fellow prisoners.  All the men there were once given the death penalty.  They could avoid it only if they stayed in the prison for ten years.
            I agreed to the terms that were set before me.  I could tell no one of this deal.  When I got out of the prison, it was called The System, I could go back to living a normal life.  I wanted to know why they were doing this, they told me they wanted to test what isolation could do to the human spirit.  I was ready to give up, but not on life entirely.  So the next day, I was off to spend ten years at The System. 

           I was blindfolded for the transport but they removed my blindfold once we entered the gates of The System. Coming up on the building, it looked like any old warehouse.  I felt a feeling of dread.  This was the place where I was doomed to spend ten years of my life.  They walked me into the building.  Lead me to my cell.  It was small, the size of a small powder room.  There was a toilet in the back, it had a lid on it that was to be my chair.  The toilet/chair combination pulled out and doubled as a bed.  They told me I would be spending most of my time in this small cell.  I would be taken out only to shower and to be checked by the resident doctor.
            So they locked me into the cell, there was no window, no clock.  They took my watch from me.  I would have no idea what time of day it was.  Even if it was day or night.    With a shuddering breath, I sat down on my seat.  Contemplated ten years.  Within the first five minutes, I was ready to kill someone.  I paced back and forth in my cell.  I had no idea how I was going to get through a year of this torture, yet alone ten.

            In the next week, I found out more about The System.  The toilet was connected to a lab somewhere in the  building.  All my waste went down there to be analyzed by their people.  There were cameras in every cell.  My movements were being watched constantly.  I felt like an experiment, which was precisely what I was.

            It has been one month in The System.  Today I actually saw another prisoner.  He was being lead to the doctor.  The sight of him turned my stomach.  He was pale beyond belief, his eyes were sunken in, and he was so thin he was ghostlike.  The fact that he did not even look at me as we passed in the hallway really got to me.  He simply stared straight ahead, as if in some sort of trance.  I wondered how long he had been there.  If his time was almost up.  I am still thinking about him as I lay here trying to sleep.  His image haunts my mind.  Follows me into dreams.  I wonder, will I end up like him someday?

            It has  been three months inside.  I can feel myself getting thinner. I can feel myself fading.  Sometimes I do not even eat the meals that they feed me.  My appetite has gone.  It has been gone for a long time.  I started to throw up last week.  I am sure they know about it.  That is why they sent me to the doctor.  But, he just shakes his head and says there is nothing  he can do for me.  I just have to survive, like everyone else in this living Hell.

            Five months have passed since I saw the outside.  My vision has gone bleary from staring at the walls of my cell all day.  My  thoughts turn to escape.  I must get out of here.  Either that or I am going to die inside.  Without ever seeing the sun again.  Without seeing my parents once more.  I will escape or die trying.  Desperately, I try to remember how I got to my cell.  The various guards and checkpoints I went through.  Suddenly the will to escape takes over.  Now I will do anything to get out.

            My plan is simple.  I find with time, I can remember the way I got in.   And now I remember the way out.  This morning on the way to the shower, I study the guards.  One of them is a woman.  She looks too nice to be inside here.  I work to get her alone, maybe she can help me.  I discover that her name is Mary.  She has two kids.  She is here to help support her family.  Her husband works all day in a construction site.
            I ask her if she can help me escape.  She looks shocked and tells me that she could never help anyone here.  It would be a death sentence for her.  I cannot put her in that position.  Then, suddenly, I notice a bulge on her right hip.  A gun maybe, I do not know for sure.  But then suddenly I am sick of this whole place.  I will see the sun again even if it kills me.  Like a man possessed, I grab Mary, holding her arms with one hand, I reach for the gun in her pocket.  It is there, there to save my life.
            Mary screams and runs for the door.  I let her put her hand on the doorknob before I shoot her.  She crumbles to the floor.  I do not know if she is dead or not, and I do not have time to check.  After making sure the gun is fully loaded, which thankfully, it is.  I sneak into the hallway.  I do not know if my cover is blown.  Somebody might have heard the gun go off.  But, the hallway is deserted.  Then I see a door at the end of the hallway.  A strange, yet familiar light beckons just beyond this door.  Blindly, I run towards the door.
            As I open it up, an alarm sounds, piercing the silent corridor with its shrill wail.  Guards come running into the hallway.  But, I do not seem to care.  All I care about is the blinding sunshine.  I stare into the dazzling blue sky.  I realize that I have been standing still.  I begin to run, run towards the fence that separates me from this prison and the glorious world beyond.
            Somewhere like a distant scream , I hear gunfire behind me.  I turn, just for a second to see that the guards are standing outside the door.  They have their guns pointed at me.  I run but their bullets catch me.  I feel them tear into my back.  Yet still I run.  On and on I run.  Even with blood pouring out behind me.  I am free.  Then, I fall to the ground, yet it is like I am still running.  The blackness seeps into my mind like the venom of a snake seeps into your blood.
            I die alone.
            Alone, but free.
            At long last, finally-


Alone, at night, the men walk, the shadow falls,
softly to the floor.
You hear the sound of 1,000 marching men,
that march for a freedom that they
can never attain.
The journey they take, the road they travel,
leads to certain death, yet on they
march, soldiers of a timeless war.
Peace is not known in their restless hearts.
A cold place, a lonely grave.
They still march.
Past your door.
An aching creak arcross your soul.
A bend in time.
A lost world.
Let the music begin.
The deathtoll rise.
And yet again, utter oblivian.